Dog Policy

Our standard policy is that no dogs are permitted on site (Except Guide dogs). However,  we have put together a policy (below) and site plan for the Sherwood Chapter event based on using a separate demarcated area.

As discussed Camping on sites 6,7 and 8.

Please clear up immediately if your dog fouls.  This is a legal requirement under the Fouling of Land by Dogs Order 2014.

You should provide your own litter bin or special dog bin to deposit the waste and dispose of this off the site.

Ensure your dog wears a collar with your name and address on, this is a requirement under the Control of Dogs Order, and can help return lost dogs.

Dogs must be on a leash at all times (or secured in the camp area) and not allowed to roam freely.

Keep your dog under control. If your dog is causing a nuisance or a threat to other users, including dogs or any wildlife on site, you will be asked to put your dog on a lead. Failure to comply with this request is an offence.

Dogs by law are not permitted in clearly demarcated children’s play areas. Restrictions might also apply to other designated areas such as recreation areas and public
areas etc.  Please observe any signage.

Dogs are not permitted in other areas of the centre, other than guide dogs). Dogs can be exercised on the Robin Hood Way Bridle path or Boughton Woods (accessible
via the Robin Hood Way)